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Prompt roof repair services protect building owners from unexpected and unplanned downtime. In Annapolis, roof repairs usually address visible and emerging signs of water damage, mold growth, structural misalignments. Werrlein Services provides full support for roof repair in Annapolis, MD. We offer residential and commercial property owners with reliable solutions for roof construction, whether it’s fixing a leak or replacing entire sections with premium roofing shingles. No repair job is too big for our team.

Why Choose Werrlein Services for Roof Repair in Annapolis, MD?

With over a decade in the roofing industry, Werrlein Services is the premier choice for roof repair in Annapolis, MD. We offer full support for any roof-related concern, including leak repair, storm damage repair, and full roof replacement.

Licensed & Insured

Our roofers are licensed in the state of Maryland and bring over a decade of expertise to your project.

Comprehensive Repair Services

Werrlein Services handles all aspects of roof repair, from initial evaluation to material replacement to roof deck construction.

Full Warranties

We offer full warranties on parts and labor to ensure you’re nothing but thrilled with our craftsmanship.

Maryland Locals

As lifelong Maryland natives, we’re familiar with the region’s climate, local- and state-wide building codes, and the unique challenges that impact roof durability.

Need Roof Repairs? Start With a Free Inspection

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Address construction problems early to minimize risk. Our roof repair in Annapolis, MD starts with a free inspection & detailed quote for any areas of concern.

Our Roof Repair Process

1. Initial Evaluation

Let us know what symptoms you’ve noticed and we’ll perform a top-to-bottom inspection of your roofing construction, shingles, layers, and fittings.

2. Project Preparation

We develop comprehensive repair quotes that address the underlying causes of roofing damage and lay out expected timelines for completion.

3. Materials & Purchasing

We’ll procure high-quality shingles, fixtures, and fastenings as needed to bring your roof back into top condition.

4. Cleaning & Removal

When work begins, we remove damaged materials, assess the condition of underlying structures, and ensure all surfaces are ready for new installation.

5. Repair & Install

We expertly install new shingles, flashing, and underlayment, as well as address any deeper structural issues affecting roof performance.

6. Final Inspection & Sign-Off

After sealing and waterproofing, we perform a final inspection and walk-through to guarantee all work meets your standards.

Common Roofing Problems Facing Annapolis Homeowners

Roof repair for Annapolis, MD homes usually comes down to one of several common issues brought on by our humid, subtropical climate. Leaks and moisture infiltration are top concerns, often brought on by aging infrastructure opening gaps or heavy rainfall pushing a roof drainage system past its limits. These issues become particularly troublesome when paired with heavy storm winds and hail that can damage gutters, downspouts, and shingles. Even a well-functioning drainage system can quickly become overwhelmed. On top of that, a roof’s effectiveness depends on its build quality. Many older homes in Annapolis suffer from workmanship issues that create maintenance problems earlier than they should appear. Quality roof repair in Annapolis, MD depends on finding contractors who have the experience needed to handle these types of concerns.

Signs You Need Roof Repair
in Annapolis, MD

1. Visible Leaks & Water Damage

Leaks and drips aren’t the only sign of trouble. Check for water stains, peeling paint, discolorations, and mold growth on all indoor and outdoor surfaces.

2. Missing or Damaged Shingles

Shingles may become brittle with age, but they can also lose adhesion when the underlying surface is compromised by water damage, warped wood, moss, or mold.

3. Sagging Roof Deck

If your roof appears to sag inward, it may be a sign of serious structural damage. Contact a qualified roofing company to assess the safety of buildings with questionable roofs.

4. Damaged Flashing

The flashing—or connection points—of roof planes may split or break over time. This can allow substantial amounts of water to leak into the interior.

5. Rusted Metal

Rust on exterior flashing, vents, or fasteners is a clear sign of age and may allow water ingress over time.

6. Higher Energy Bills

If your home requires more energy to heat or fails to retain heat properly, the culprit may be gaps or exposures in roofing construction.

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Matt Soffer
Matt Soffer
2 February 2024
Needed a repair in my laundry room right away and they were at my home by early the next morning. Incredibly happy with the service and professionalism with Brendan and pricing was fair and affordable. Highly recommended.
Monika Dockendorf
Monika Dockendorf
30 January 2024
A one stop shop! They did several projects in our home, including simple caulking, plumbing, rerouting a dryer vent, and rebuilding a stair railing, which turned out amazing. Steve, the project manager came and assessed the work before and after completion, which ensured quality and promptness. It seems their company does many commercial jobs, so it is no surprise their employees are real industry professionals and perform top quality. If you are looking for professional results, this company is for you.
15 August 2023
Brendan the service tech was helpful, knowledgable, and professional. He completed a water heater replacement, including installing new shut-off valves. The work was exceptional. Highly recommend Werrlein Services.
Todd August
Todd August
3 August 2023
Brendan was on time and very professional and helpful. If I could give him more stars I would.
Aileen Pincus
Aileen Pincus
18 July 2023
Fast, efficient and professional
Cole Dickerson
Cole Dickerson
15 July 2023
With how how hot this summer is I was having issues with my hvac system. I called Werrlein services and within the day had a tech come out and install a new system for my home. From my research Werrlein was by far the most cost effective option for me. Very happy with the service and price. I’ll definitely be telling others about Werrlein!
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell
13 July 2023
The technician advised us on replacing our outdoor faucet and carried out the replacement . The work was done at a fair price and in a helpful manner.
Roby Flynn
Roby Flynn
13 July 2023
I called Werrlein services to come fix a plumbing issue in my toilet. The guy who picked up the phone, Justin, was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. They sent out their technician who got to my house in a very quick manner. They were all incredibly helpful and skilled and were in and out in no time! 11/10 would recommend them and use their services again!
Fletcher Kinne
Fletcher Kinne
12 July 2023
From first contact to completion/resolution of the leak problem everything was first class. The technician was extremely knowledgeable and provided several options to repair the leak. He confirmed that the type of copper pipe was the cheapest and weakest of those available. We discussed possible replacement of the existing copper pipe with more modern materials and it's estimated cost. I could not be happier with the job done and the man who did it. Viva Werrlein Services!
Jackson Clements
Jackson Clements
11 July 2023
Highest quality of service. Very professional and efficient.