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Preventative Roof Maintenance for Annapolis, MD Homeowners

Roofing problems aren’t limited to the aftermath of heavy storms. While high winds and pounding hail can easily dislodge shingles, the majority of rooftop problems we see aren’t repairs for storm-related damage; they’re issues related to the ongoing care and maintenance of the roof itself. We believe in the power of prevention for roofing longevity, and the best way to get the most value out of your roof is to support it with regular maintenance.

The Biggest Benefits of Investing in Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is a valuable investment for homeowners who want to protect their roofs with the least amount of hassle.

Extend Roof ROI

Eliminate issues with materials early and get as many years as possible out of your roofing.

Strengthen Roof Construction

Keep roofs in tip-top shape and catch issues before they escalate into larger structural problems.

Cost Savings

Catch problems early and minimize repair costs by having a professional review roofing each year.

Energy Efficiency

Identify gaps in roofing ventilation and insulation that contribute to heat loss and wasted energy.

Planning Maintenance? Start With a Free Inspection

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Stay one step ahead of costly repairs with our roofing maintenance in Annapolis, MD. We’ll visit your site and perform a free inspection to help you understand your options.

Our Roof Maintenance Process

1. Discoloration or Fading

Asphalt and composite shingles tend to fade after years of sun exposure, one of the first signs of an aging roof.

2. Moss & Algae Buildup

Common in humid regions, moss and algae can accumulate on roofing shingles and disrupt their structural integrity.

3. Granules in Gutters

Asphalt shingles will shed granules as they age. While a few is no cause for concern, excessive granules indicate that many shingles are breaking down and need replacement.

4. Exposed Nail Heads

Homeowners may notice visible nail heads while cleaning gutters. These should be sealed or covered to prevent water intrusion.

5. Poor Drainage

Particularly for flat roofs, poor draining and water pooling suggest roof maintenance issues with leveling that will need adjustment.

6. Interior Staining

Water leaks in your home’s interior are often seen as staining, peeling, and warping of wallpaper and wood. Look for signs of water damage as a potential symptom of roofing issues.

How Often Does My Roof Need Maintenance?

Roofers typically recommend that homeowners schedule roof maintenance at least once per year. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all recommendation. Roof maintenance is a function of:

Every homeowner will have a different schedule for performing necessary updates. For example, those with new metal roof installations likely won’t need to perform repairs for many years, though we still recommend annual inspections to catch unexpected problems. For homeowners with aging asphalt shingles laid on top of an older building, more frequent inspections may be beneficial for catching issues promptly.

While annual inspections are standard, homeowners who notice signs of trouble should contact their roofing company for an inspection without delay. In our experience as a Maryland contractor, homes in the area are prone to particular problems over time. Aging Annapolis roof systems are put to the test under volatile winds, heavy rainfall, and unpredictable snows.

Homeowners may notice missing shingles, gaps in flashing, or staining appear over time. These issues are telltale signs of existing water damage and may suggest other concerns, such as the growth of mold or algae, which is common in humid climates.

Werrlein Services conducts free inspections to identify issues early and keep homeowners on the path of prevention. Our technicians will assess your roof and help you develop a preventative action plan for long-term maintenance.

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Matt Soffer
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Monika Dockendorf
30 January 2024
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15 August 2023
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Todd August
3 August 2023
Brendan was on time and very professional and helpful. If I could give him more stars I would.
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Aileen Pincus
18 July 2023
Fast, efficient and professional
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Cole Dickerson
15 July 2023
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Daniel Campbell
13 July 2023
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Roby Flynn
13 July 2023
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Fletcher Kinne
12 July 2023
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Jackson Clements
Jackson Clements
11 July 2023
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