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Graphic reads "Warning Signs Your Water Heater Needs Servicing." Pictured next to the text box is a repair person inspecting a water heater.

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How to Tell If Your Water Heater Needs Servicing

Just like any other appliance, a water heater wears down over time, and if you ignore the warning signs of a failing water heater for too long, the heater may break down, disrupting your routine in the process.

If you know the warning signs to look for, you can address the issue at the right time and avoid a water heater breakdown.

Here are some major signs that your water heater needs servicing:


Inconsistent Water Heating

Does your unit heat water erratically? Sometimes the water is hot enough, and other times it is lukewarm or cold. Inconsistent water heating indicates that something is wrong with your heater. The culprit could be an accumulation of mineral deposits on the heating elements of the water heater. To know for sure, seek professional help and have a water heater repair expert examine your heater.


Low Water Pressure

Excess mineral deposits can also block the pipes connecting to the water heater, causing a loss of water pressure. In such cases, the water comes out very slowly from the tap. The water heater’s tank might need cleaning and flushing to remove this build-up.


Discolored Water

If the water coming out of the taps is brownish or has some rusty particles in it, the likely culprit is your water heater. You need to get your water heater tank cleaned immediately.

Werrlein Services repair person services a water heater.
Diagnosing your water heater is key to resolving the problem.

Noisy Water Heater

A water heater is typically a silent appliance. As it ages, it might produce a mild buzz, which is considered normal. However, if you hear popping, crackling, or sparking sounds, this is a cause for concern. If you’re hearing strange sounds coming from your water heater, seek professional help from technicians who can diagnose and repair the issue properly.


Water Leakage

If you notice water leaking from the body of the water heater, you must get it repaired before the situation worsens. Water leakage can also lead to the pooling of water at the bottom of the tank. If the unit leaks for a long period of time, the water heater’s structure can weaken and corrode.


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