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What might cause a well pump to have low pressure and how to fix it?

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Low water pressure can cause the water to flow slowly through the taps. In extreme cases, you might not get any water at all – it can be so frustrating and annoying. This is a common problem when the water pressure falls below 40 psi in households that get water supply from a well. There can be many reasons for the water pressure to fall, and there can be as many solutions. Experts from a professional plumbing service company can help you with the right solution and help to bring the pressure level back into the ideal range of 40-60 psi.

Causes Of Low Water Pressure

Professional plumbers can inspect the site and let you know if you well pump replacement. Many times, there is a fault in the plumbing infrastructure which causes low water pressure.

Some of the common culprits are –

Leakage in the pressure tank: If there is damage or leak in the pressure tank, the water pressure will fall. Either the leak must be fixed or in extreme cases, the pressure tank has to be replaced.

Worn-out well pump: The life of well pumps is about 10 to 15 years. If your well pump is older than this and is giving recurring problems, it’s time to think of replacing it.

Narrow pipes: The ideal size of the pipe is between half to an inch in diameter. If the pipes are narrower than this, it will lead to low pressure, even if your home has a high psi.

How To Fix Low Well Water Pressure

Some causes of low water pressure can be easily remedied the DIY way.  A few of them are discussed below.

Clean Clogs in Faucets & Fixtures

Sediment and mineral deposit build-up in faucets and fixtures over time. They look like chalky formulations and can deposit on the aerators of the faucet causing low pressure. You can use a wrench to remove the aerator from the faucet and wash it clean and then put it back on the faucet.

Adjust Your Pressure Switch

If you know how to adjust pressure through the pressure switch, you can try doing it. Readjust till you get it right.

In some cases, sediment and mineral build-up in water lines disrupt the water pressure. In that case, you have to take the help of professionals to sort the issue.  They can suggest you install a water softener to remove minerals in hard water. Sometimes, installing a water pressure regulator is also recommended. A licensed professional plumber can suggest to you which type of water pressure regulator is ideal for you by measuring your water pressure and flow rate.

The experts at Werrlein Services specialize in well water system repair services and well water treatment systems. They can provide you with a fast and reliable wellpump repair services to eliminate your well’s low water pressure. Call today.

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